Friday, January 6, 2012

Kyle's Review On The Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller

Hey, Kyle here. I just picked up the Numark Mixtrack Pro brand new from Guitar Center. For only $250 it is a great choice for a beginner DJ. It has all the controls you need to learn the basics of mixing and scratching. It comes with virtual DJ software and the whole thing is a simple setup. The software has everything you need to load your very own songs and play them through the Mixtrack Pro. The mixer has all the basic volume, crossfader, cues, effects, etc. The touch sensitive control wheels are accurate and do their job, but sometime they feel somewhat cheap only because they are plastic. You don’t get the feel of aluminum platters but you get what you pay for. Don’t forget this is Numark quality we are talking about; It is not cheaply made. For the price you cannot go wrong. I would definitely recommend this to any beginner DJ who is looking to purchase this type of product.

Pros: It has all the controls of a standard mixer and turntables, control wheels provide accurate and quick response for good scratching and beatmatching, it has a control knob so you don’t need a mouse to choose songs, comes with virtual DJ and uses USB so setup is quick (plug n play), best new product in its price range.

Cons: The plastic jogwheels are obviously not as nice feeling as aluminium. Plastic play/cue/sync buttons make a loud click when pressed (rubber buttons would be better).


  1. sonnema said...

    nice review following :D

  2. BragonDorn said...

    Cool stuff! I want one :)

  3. InfinitePlans said...

    Looks to be a decent mixer, following your blog!

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